• by righthereright
  • June 28, 2018

Rangers, money

Yesterday, the league began to speak more or less officially about what the salary ceiling will be, next year a number of new television contracts enter and, in connection with this, the league’s income sharply increases, if this season there were cautious 75 million salary caps, which are likely to hit even for the players’ pocket due to the fact that part of the escrow will go to the pocket of the league as an overpay, today the sums are called from 78 to 82 million, while the majority of analysts are sure that less than 80 will not be in any case, because about 350 million dollars, should be mentioned that the league and the players share income of 50 to 50, then 175 million at 31 team only added to it, + revenue growth independent of the TV are a total of 80 million more than the sum assured.

This means that a number of commands that the contenders have clearly got a certain breath of air in the world of a hard salary ceiling, but the teams that are now being rebuilt, but plan to surf as soon as they get additional opportunities, and they include the Rangers.

Brendan Smith

According to capfriendly.com, the Rangers today have a total payroll of 50.05 million green, having a Brendan Smith contract buried in the AHL that saves about 1 million green in the payroll, David Quinn, the new Rangers coach, knows Brendan a long time and will probably try to reanimate him Career, which makes Ranger’s payment about 51 million and leaves about 29 million free.

What’s next, almost 100% of Mark Staal’s contract will be redeemed, Mark does not physically pull the speed of this league, and from year to year becomes only slower, which is completely incompatible with the style of Quinn’s team play, in accordance with the same Cap Friendly. The way for the Rangers in terms of economics:

2018-19 – 3.65mln

2019-20 – 2.65mln

2020-21 – 1.85mln

And the remaining 3 years, the Rangers will have to pay extra 1.35 million

This means that the Rangers will have in the next season about 32.5 million dollars and will have 15 contracts on hands including Smith and Georgiev and not including Staal, out of 22 necessary.

Brady Skjei

Gorton started perestroika more than ever in time, a lot of young players, which this year need to be re-signed due to a bad season, obviously will not be able to influence their own destiny so much and we’ll start with http://www.nhlmockdraft.org/2012-nhl-draft-prospect-profile-scott-laughton/ the most sensitive free agent – Brady Skjei.

Brady clearly got into the most usual and very popular among the youths pit of the second year, Brady did not have enough time on the PP, but in the collapsed defense of AB did not feel comfortable, all the qualities that he showed in his first full season were crossed out this season, as a bud-someone replaced a person, again, this is a very common phenomenon among young players, if a year they said that the contract of Skjei would be compared with the contract of Slavein of Keynes – 5.3 by 6, now the Brady bit card, the team will insist on a long-term contract, and this contract will not be 5.3 million, most likely we are talking about 4.65 at 6, the Rangers are unlikely to offer a shorter duration, it is standard enough for young defenders.

The second important free agent is Kevin Hayes – Kevin, unlike Brady, actually has very few complaints, and one could expect much higher performance from him, but when the team falls apart and you start about 40% of your shifts in your zone, and while you do not have time in the PP, it’s very difficult to do anything, having got freedom in the last matches of the season, and moving there with a performance of 0.8 points per game, Kevin has clearly proved that there is something to fight for, agents in the arbitration bureau especially apply nothing, figures ie on the side of Kevin, no one considered the 20-game episode with 0.8 points per game will not be.

The next 2 players in the most interesting situation, I’m pretty sure that someone one of them will be exchanged for something, and for that reason, the first of this company, Ryan Spooner, everything is fine there except one but – age, 27 years … but at the same time, Ryan when he is given a chance – really knows how to produce …. and he deserved his new contract, which one, the Rangers probably see 3-4 years at about 4-4.25 million a year.

Vladislav Namestnikov

And the second Vladislav Namestnikov – this is a very interesting question and how he will be resolved will be very, very curious to see. The arguments are as follows:

That’s all agents, in principle there is still somewhere O`Gara, but to be honest I do not see the point, as for me it will go to the trade, there simply is not enough speed, but even without O’Gara Rangers have ( if you leave Nastennikova and Spooner) 22 contracts for the main team, and you can calculate a little, and what else can the Rangers:

Here’s what the Rangers have on hand, many believe that this is not the year the Rangers have to hunt free agents, but if the team drops a hypothetical Taveres, the Rangers might well pull it, especially for Spooner’s contracts and/or Namestnikova will be on the cutting board.

In addition, we should not be afraid of the next one – 2019 … for there comes into force an additional contract with the TV channel of the baseball league and there is also a very, very large amount, so there will be space. To date, Let’s Go Rangers !!!!!