• by righthereright
  • June 28, 2018

Scouting the Atlantic District

Last weekend we visited the Atlantic District Select attractions. Each summer it was the same, with Michigan, Massachusetts and Minnekota (Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota), NY city, and New England was the second level.

These days, across the country, the picture has been changed, and if the US hockey returns to the old regional format, the Atlantic District will compete for titles every year.

This typist played in the Atlantic area and vividly remembers that every year 2-6 players a year of birth are considered prospects for DI, and pro-prospects from the area were very rare.

Currently, the district regularly hosts 8-10 potential clients at each age level, with one or two of them being legitimate prospects. Fifteen years ago, the thought of scouts and NHL agents lining the glass in the Atlantic district test camp was unheard of, but now it’s reality.

Not only has the talent been significantly improved, but the format is as good as you will find in terms of convenience for the exploration of the event.

Players of the ‘96 year were on hand this weekend.

JJ Piccinich, F. It’s no wonder that he is now the best in the 96th district. NJ Avalanche star forward stocks continue to grow, as it is being pursued by many top NCAA programs. Will play in the USHL next season when it was filed by Youngstown. We believe that he will be successful in making the jump, because he is such a universal guy, able to play almost every role.

Chris Birdsall, We saw how he played better than last weekend. Nevertheless, we feel that he is the best goalkeeper and winner. He is an explosive and a good skater, which allows him to quickly get on the position and attach the arrows. Reads the game well and has a wonderful wait. When he plays everything possible, he can steal the game himself. Cedar Rapids was filed and will try to excel at USHL as a 16-year-old goalkeeper.

Kevin Kerr

Kevin Kerr, Penn State made a statement, putting the main defender “96” in the Atlantic area, which, in our opinion, will become a trend. At 5’10 “The potential for Kerr can be limited, but we think it will be great in http://www.nhlmockdraft.org/2012-nhl-draft-prospect-profile-scott-laughton Penn and probably will protect PP. Dynamic defender likes to jump in a hurry and regularly beats the checkers in the attack zone. He is a skater who allows him to take risks and yet return to the place to defend himself. Will play U18 for Comcast next season.

Robbie Marsanico, Dynamic forward has excellent legs and plays with a ton pace. It’s hard to keep in 1×1 situations. All unnecessary washers are broken. Little by 5’7 “, but fast and rough enough to succeed at higher levels.” Last season, NJ Hitmen’s Empire won the score.

Anthony Siderio, Two years ago Siderio, who plays at the Selects Hockey Academy, was considered the consensus number 1 in the district. Since that time, his reserve may have decreased slightly, but we think that his game is developing, and he will restore himself as a player who deserves a strong examination. In the past, Siderio may have relied exclusively on skill, but this weekend we saw him hunt for pucks and play with a small jam. He has a dangerous wand, and when he plays with energy and pace, he is most effective.

Paul Vella, Played for the NJ Devils U16 team last season. Has great skill and is very dangerous with a puck. A strong player 1×1 knows what to do in the evaluation area. It is necessary that his teammates participate more, because he is a bit of an individual, which makes him think that he lacks vision.

Kevin Charyszyn, The more you look at him, the more he likes you. It seems that the puck is following him on the ice, as a result of which forward NJ Rockets is always in the right position. Creates a crime and makes a lot of good games on an ongoing basis.

Dylan Stephanik, The brother of Jason Stephanik, guys from Quinnipiac. A tall, long forward has a sleek hand set and an elite shot. It plays too much around the perimeter right now, but when it is full, it will be more equipped to succeed in hard ice. Stephanik has a body of a classic late flower.

Ryan O'Connor

Ryan O’Connor, Defender of Maria U16 is an elite figure skater. His legs allow him to have strong control over the gaps, which makes it hard for him to fight. Makes some dubious solutions to the puck and from time to time runs in the protective zone.

Bobby Wurrster, defender of the D-6’3 “from Choate has many opportunities to fill, but as soon as he does, we think that it will be very effective, his shape is good during riding, but he lacks explosibility, something that we think will come with the added strength of the legs.Wurster makes simple and smart decisions with the puck, and we think he has the potential of DI.