• by righthereright
  • June 29, 2018

“Calgary” was in a difficult situation

The draft of 2018, which will be held in Dallas on the American Airlines Center arena on June 22 and 23, may become very unusual for the “Calgary Flames”.

After several exchanges in the past years, the “Flames” will not be able to choose players in the first three rounds of the upcoming draft. On June 24, 2017, General Manager Brad Trelewing received the defender Travis Hamonik from the New York Islanders, giving him the option of the first (12th) and second rounds. “Islanders” also received the right to choose in the second round draft pick in 2019, and “Flames” – in the fourth.

Chad Johnson

With the right to choose in the third round (74th number), “Calgary” parted in the deal with “Arizona Coyotes”, which was held on June 17, 2017. “Flames” exchanged it with goalkeeper Chad Johnson and quarterback Brandon Hickey on goalkeeper Mike Smith.

All this led to the fact that this year the first player, “Calgary” will be able to choose only in the fourth round under the 105th number. According to Trelewing, the current situation did not affect the preparation for the draft. Treyling knew that the exchanges that he made would lead to such a difficult situation.

“We did not understand it yesterday,” he said, “everything is calculated when the deal is concluded, then it becomes clear that we will not choose one or another draft in a round.” This is not the most optimal solution, but it had to be accepted in that situation.We are now working to get more elections. ”

In an interview with NHL.com, Trelewing spoke about changing the coach and other problems that the club will have to deal with after the unsuccessful end of the 2017-18 season, detailed – www.nhlmockdraft.org/2012-nhl-draft-prospect-profile-scott-laughton.

– Reflecting on the results of the season, could you determine the reasons why the team so poorly spent the last five or six weeks of the championship? On February 24 you were in the playoff zone, took third place in the Pacific Division. Is it all about injuries?

– There are several factors. There were injuries in the end of the championship – it happens to everyone. We relied on a very narrow circle of attackers, hoping to achieve too much in the attack. So we started. We had problems with the performance of the third and fourth links in the first 18 games of the season or so. Then they began to score and played effectively for 30-40 matches. Then they fell silent again. This is due to the depth of the composition. Our composition should become deeper. Perhaps, due to internal resources, and may have to involve someone from outside. We would like to achieve greater effectiveness on the right flank. We will deal with this problem. In general, we need to deepen the composition and not make a bet in the attack for only a few people.

– What news about the condition of the players who got injured and left before the end of the season?

Matthew Tkachuk

– All have recovered. In the end of the season, we lost Matthew Tkachuk (concussion, missed the last 12 weeks of the season), Sean Monahan (four operations – brush, two hernias and groin, the last seven matches), TJ Brody (concussion, neck, last nine matches ), Mike Smith (a lower body injury, the last three games) and Travis Hamonik (upper body injury, the last four games). All of them were already allowed to train, to practice normally. Knock on wood, I want to believe that we will not have problems before the training camp.