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  • June 27, 2018

“Colorado” is becoming European. NHL Mock Draft of 2018

After the departure to the playoffs, I was already arguing that in the summer of “Colorado” you need to pay attention to the goalkeeper’s line and pick on the draft several goalkeepers for the future. Sakic went further – for this offseason in the team already turned 4 goalkeepers.

Another trend was the European vector – 6 of the 8 players chosen to be drafted in the “Old World”. And if we take into account the signed Pavell Francouz and the acquired Philipp Grubauer, then the direction of the vector becomes even more obvious.

Exchange with “Washington”

Before the draft pick, “Colorado” bought himself goalkeeper Philippe Grubauer and defender Brooks Orpik for 47 overall pick. With the German, they renewed the contract for three years with a salary of 3.33 million a year, and Sakic responded about this signing: “We are happy that there will be two first goalkeepers in Colorado.”

The contract of Brooks Orpik will be redeemed – this Joe said immediately after the exchange. Words did not differ from the case – in the first year in the payment of “avalanches” will be listed 2.5 million, in the second – 1.5.

Exchange with “Pittsburgh”

With the “penguins”, the exchange was simpler – for the sake of Hollander (58 overall choice), the Pittsburgh general manager sent 64 and 146 elections to Colorado. Good move from Sakic.

Who replenished the “Colorado” as a result of the draft?

64 general choice (obtained from Pittsburgh) Justus Annunen (Finland)

Justus Annunen

Overall (193 cm and 98 kg), the 18-year-old goalkeeper of the junior team, which this spring was the main one at the UChM and together with the national team won gold medals. Justus played all year in the Finnish league up to 20 years and played a strong play-off, reflecting 93.5% of shots and managed to make his debut in the adult league with one match. Next season will be held at home in “Karpit”.

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78 general selection of Sampo Ranta (Finland)

In the “Colorado” there is Rantanen, now there will be Ranta. The forward, along with Justus Annunen, played on the JCM this spring and is also the Junior World Champion. Outboard forward, to whom only the 31st of May turned 18 years old. Sampo was forecasted by all ratings at the end of the second and the beginning of the third round, but Sakic was able to hook him in the middle of the third round. The forward plays the left winger, which is so scarce in the current “Colorado”. The next season will be held at the University of Wisconsin.

109 general selection Tyler Weiss (USA)

Tyler Weiss (США)

The player is a product of the junior training system in the US, spent the season in U-18 and went with her also to this year’s UCM where he lost to his future team-mates in the finals. Weiss is a fast and technical winger who needs to gain power for playing in the NHL. The next season will be held at the University of Nebraska.

140 overall selection Brandon Seijon (Canada)

The forward was not drafted a year ago, but this year he added in the hockey league Ontario in the game for the “bulldogs”, gaining more points for the match – 70 (35 + 35) in 65 games. The play-off striker performed just as well – 25 (18 + 7) in 21 matches, and earned himself the right to be selected in the middle of the draft. Forward for 20 years, so next year, probably, he will start at the farm club in the AHL.

146 general choice (received from Pittsburgh) Danila Zhuravlev (Russia)

Defender of the junior national team of Russia, who also participated in the home of this year’s YuCHM, having scored five assists in 5 games. Defenders with attacking skills in the system, “Colorado” is now enough, so for getting into the NHL Zhuravlev will have to overcome a weak competition.

171 general choice Nikolay Kovalenko (Russia / USA)

Nikolay Kovalenko

hen I called Sakic in May to choose Martin Coutu in the draft, because he saw in it a new Milan Hejduk, I do not think Joe will go further in succession – the father of Nicholas played for “Quebec” / “Colorado” 3.5 seasons, in which spent 210 matches. Before the championship era did not finish.

Kovalenko is a talented winger with the skills of the dispatcher, who this season was one of the leaders of his team in the MHL, also the player managed to play for the main team in the KHL, noting even 4 matches in the playoffs.

202 general selection Shamil Shmakov (Russia)

The last choice in the draft Joe Sakic spent another one goalkeeper. Shmakov held a strong regular season in the MHL, reflecting 93.2% of shots in 51 games.

For the draft Joe Sakic can be praised – strengthened the problematic position of the system, “Colorado” for years to come. And what will come out of these players will find out later. So far, Sakic is a great young man.