How are you? “Carolina Hurricanes”

Last season for the “Hurricanes” came out extremely uneven. His start resembled a terrible dream: two wins, 12 losses in regular time, four more losses in extra time. This was the situation for the first months. Recovering from such a nasty start turned out to be an impossible task for the “hurricanes”.

However, despite everything, “Hurricanes” fought for an exit in the playoffs to the last, not wanting to surrender their positions, what once again confirms the high level of professionalism of hockey players and coaches. The team held an impressive ending of the season, defeating rivals in 21 matches, losing 13 times, three times in extra time.



Those victories included two consecutive wins over the owner of the “Trophy President”, the Washington Capitals, who defended the title of Champions Pittsburg Penguins and even the future champion of the league Chicago Blackhawks. All this was not enough to get the opportunity to fight for the Stanley Cup, but “hurricanes” showed that they can win when they want.

The failures in the defense were a headache for the coach and the team as a whole. This factor was the main cause of most lesions. Let’s look at the dry statistics. The Hurricanes scored more goals than the Canadiens, Bruins, Senators, Predators, Red Wings, Devils and Coyotes. All seven listed teams were in the playoffs, the latter in general took the fourth place in the regular season. It is obvious that the driving capacity of “hurricanes” is enough with a vengeance.

The first round of the draft NHL turned out, as we thought, quite unexpected. And what’s nice, the Russian guys were not on the last roles.

Two Russians – in the top ten. For the first time since the draft Alexander Ovechkin and Yevgeny Malkin in the top ten were immediately selected two Russians. And if about Andrei Svechnikov everything was known in advance (he went under the second number in “Carolina”), then Vitaly Kravtsov all scouts were rated as a dark horse. He jumped higher once for 10 positions, when the “Rangers” chose him under the ninth number.

Kravtsov did not get into the national team for the youth world championship, not enill in the regular season of the KHL, but was very noticeable in the playoffs, where the “Tractor” reached the final of the conference. The 18-year-old striker beat Evgeny Kuznetsov’s record on points in the playoffs for players under 19 years old.

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“We put him in second place among the hitters in this draft. Everyone in the club was unanimous. We watched him. His game, especially in the playoffs, showed who he is. His skills, hands and hockey intelligence are above the roof. In the KHL, young people play a little, sometimes it hurts them. But Kravtsov played very brightly and battled us on the spot, “said Gordy Clark, director of recruiting players for the Rangers.

Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward finished his playing career. Left the team – Andrew Alberst with Nikcas Wallin. Returned to the team of Joe Corvo and Anton Babchuk. Undoubtedly, this is a good help for the attack. In part, this will help solve the problem with the implementation of the majority. Babchuk and Korvo, playing for the “hurricanes” in the season-2008/09, scored 16 and 14 goals respectively.

And the first nine are in the majority, and the second has eight. Jim Rutherford associated obligations with the club of another important defender – Brett Carson. He has a good potential, and he is able to help the club in the future. The opening of the season was Jamie McBain.

The status of the excellent prospect “Carolina Hurricanes” entrenched behind it is far from yesterday, but so brilliant a year in the AHL from it was not expected. He prefers hockey at a high pace; rarely plays in the body, but is not circumscribed by dimensions; disciplined and rarely removed without a valid reason; has a hockey flair and is able to dispose of the puck.

Attacking defenders are needed by any team, but what about real defenders whose power play and dedication can be admired? What about the “heroes of the invisible front”? Who will perform all the rough work in defense? Surely Tim Gleeson alone will cope with all the tasks? All this is very disturbing and can go sideways for the “hurricanes”.

Attack “Hurricanes” also looks unbalanced. The first two alleged links are well-staffed and easily stand comparison with the top three opponents. Here you and Jussi Jokinen, and Eric Staal, and Tuomo Ruutu, and Eric Cole, and Brandon Sutter, and Chad Lerouz.

Jokinen just burst into the second place in the list of scorers of “Carolina” last season. He set record values ​​in almost all graphs of his own statistics. Here and 30 goals, instead of seven before last season; and 65 points; and a positive utility ratio; 6 victorious goals and 10 in the majority; and 160 shots, 18.8 percent of which grieved the opponent’s goalkeepers. Jussi Jokinen spent an average of 16:48 minutes on the court, while his team-mate Staal cut ice with ice skates for 20.42 minutes. Ray Whitney left the team, Jokinen will be the leading left fielder, and this promises an increase in playing time. Can Jokinen wisely use additional game time and improve performance ?.

Tuomo Ruutu

Cole and especially Tuomo Ruutu – the type of forwards, without which neither the playoffs, nor the victories in it cannot be seen as their own ears. A decent performance with extremely tough game with the inexorable pressure of the opponent.

These players have the skill with which they can turn the tide of any meeting. But each attack needs laborers, such workhorses whose task is not to score a goal to the enemy, not at all. Their goal is not to let them go into their own goal; destroy and deter attacks in all sorts of ways.

They, if you like, should provide rest to the leaders, and if necessary, and drag the entire team on their shoulders. Where are the hard nuts from the Hurricanes? Only Tom Kostopulos is in some way suitable for describing the “laborer” of the third or fourth links. “Hurricanes” have good prospectuses, but it is irrational and dangerous to take on the functions of hard-working grinders. It is irrational, since most worthy prospectuses in the future should belong to the category of driven forward